we say no to free range

We procure, import and distribute the world’s finest wines. We know wine, of course, but what really sets us apart is the condition of our product. You see, unlike the well-travelled bottles you might come across for sale at online auction houses and bottle shops, our wines are only allowed one long-distance journey in their lifetime, and it’s a cold one at that. Many of our wines come ex-château, so they haven’t been shuffled between cellars, divvied up post-divorce or left for a weekend on the back seat of a barouche. Right now they’re resting in the dark at 15°C, and we have no intention of taking them anywhere. It’s not exactly an exciting existence, but at Vincurable we don’t believe everything should be free range.

our mission

The Search

Based in Australia, we work mighty hard to ensure that our wine list is current, but in a global marketplace, timing can be critical – and a parcel we’ve managed to track down in Paris may well be snapped up in Hong Kong in less time than it takes to say “Châteauneuf du Pape”.

The Price

Even if it’s for next Saturday’s shindig, we know that buying wine is always an investment. We ensure that the price and provenance of every parcel we list equates to the best possible value for your wine-drinking dollar.

The Pedigree

We ensure that the wines we source are in pristine condition, having been properly cellared since bottling. They may be old, but they will be immune to the ravages of poor storage and improper shipping. We want you to drink wines that are replete with their maker’s intent.

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honest advice

The Deal

At Vincurable we don’t pursue a quick sale for a fat profit with no regard for the relationship. We’re not about selling volume either. We look to build lasting alliances founded on mutual trust and respect; a dialogue based on a shared passion and sense of fun – all the while maintaining the highest ethical standards of practice. Let’s just say we’re happy not competing with the big boys.

The Knowledge

To be honest, many of our customers don’t need our advice. But if you would like our assistance – from choosing a single wine to building a new cellar from scratch – we’ve got the experience and expertise you need. We also know what’s happening in the world of wine investment (and that the first rule of buying bottles for future sale is not to open them!). We’ll always give you our honest opinion, and we’ll do our best to make buying and drinking wine the pleasure we all know it can be.

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who are we?

The Team

Alex Messina is a medical practitioner who has had an abiding passion for wine for over 25 years. His very first en primeur Bordeaux investment was a smattering of lesser 1982s, and he vividly recalls perusing the newsletter of a new American enthusiast – Robert Parker – championing that vintage. He established Vincurable in 2009, not because it was another great year in Bordeaux, but because he felt that Australian fine wine enthusiasts, just like him, could be better served. His enduring ardour for buying, cellaring and drinking wine ensures he never gives up his day job.

Vikki Moore is a political science graduate who more recently turned her hand to food writing, and dreams of one day completing her masters degree in gastronomy. She cooks, cleans and generally applies herself to her husband’s utopian existence. She added fine wine to this sybaritic mix back in 2003 – perhaps it was the hot year that grabbed her attention – and having found herself hooked, has diligently applied herself to the appreciation of Champagne, her favourite tipple. During business hours, however, she oversees the running of Vincurable, ensuring its customers receive the best possible attention.

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The Concern

Let’s be realistic – problems occur. But when they do, we aim to address them quickly and comprehensively.

First, we strongly suggest that you read our terms & conditions page, which explains our obligations to you, and yours to us. Of course, there’s always the legal stuff that needs to be mentioned, but we’re not trying to be tricky – like any relationship, it’s important that we both know the ground rules, and that our expectations of each other are fair and reasonable.

Second, we provide a faqs list that may address the issue for you instantly.

Finally, we make it easy for you to discuss things personally with us via our contact us page.

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We say no to free range


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